D J Webb Images
As a child, my great fortune was having the freedom to roam the then sparsely populated waterfront areas of the
northern Gulf Coast with abandon. I became immersed in the unique and picturesque pine and oak forests, bayous
and barrier islands and the abundant wildlife and plant life. I later lived in the rich culture and ecosystems of South
Louisiana and then South Florida, where water and sky provided daily inspiration. Exposure to Native American and
Hispanic culture and art while a resident of Taos, NM, and working as Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National
Park in Colorado have more recently fueled my imagination.

In my art I explore mystery, the perceptions just beyond our limited visual range in a universe of dynamic energy
flows and fields, molecular interconnection and multi-dimensions. I believe that the natural world is built on a perfect
harmonic matrix of energy and that Spirit emanates throughout.

We are each offspring of this magnificent ocean planet. It is my greatest hope that we grow in our understanding of
the fragility and sacredness of the Earth and then behave more gently and respectfully toward each other. I believe
the arts are a key component in manifesting a more positive future.

Artists to whom I am indebted for inspiration are: Walter Ingliss Anderson* (a family friend from my hometown),
Monica Sjoo, Nicholas Roerich, Maxfield Parrish, Van Gogh and O'Keeffe.
Artist's Statement